With every wedding, I have a complimentary engagement session included in the wedding package. If I am being honest, it benefits me more than the client I feel like because again, I am being honest, I get pretty nervous when I have a new face or two in front of my lens. I like to meet you and work with you a little bit at least once before the wedding so we both can get our "new friend jitters" out. You know when you make a new friend and you don't want things to be awkward when you don't know exactly what to talk about right away? Or you don't know if they are a hugger when you first see them or are about to leave? That is how I feel about working with someone new. And your wedding is a day full of so many emotions and feelings as it is, we don't need to be finding our footing on that day to add to it.

You also benefit greatly from an engagement session because you see exactly what I mean about being "go-with-the-flow". We talk a ton, we walk a ton, we sit down, we stand up, we run sometimes (not fast), we pick each other up, there is so much movement. And I am constantly telling you "don't bother to look at the camera." And it really isn't that bad, getting your photograph taken with me. I like for you to know that and have confidence in that before the wedding day.

Santhi and Julie live in Maine but they are getting married on the shore in April. We met on Wye Island for their session when they were visiting for Christmas with Santhi's family. It was freezing cold but well worth it! I can't wait for their wedding at the Wylder Hotel in a few weeks.