This little hidden gem tucked inside Island Holisitcs is my all natural light studio

where so many of your seasons can be documented in truly organic way. The whole idea is to create a space where we can keep things feeling very comfortable and home-y so that we still get that documentary, candid shooting style that I love but we are in a space where weather or any other outside factors won’t play a role.

The space is full of muted colors and a ton of texture, we have the option of using backdrops if you have a specific look or feel that you are going for, enough seating to give us some variety and some gorgeous wooded floors, too. And with five large tinted windows, we get so much good light regardless of the time of day. It definitely gives more of an island vibe and I am obsessed with that, I wanted it to feel very on brand with WRP and not like any other studio you may have seen.

An amazing part of this is that if I don’t have something you want or a look that you are going for, Pretty Little Wedding Co is a neighbor of ours and we love collaborating and renting from them to bring the vision to life. If you're interested in using the studio space for a session, let's do it!