a ramble of a blog post

You may have noticed a change in my editing style this Fall. A lot of you, clients and others in the industry, have messaged me saying that they have seen a shift. And they are absolutely right. And it's here to stay.

For the longest time, like over a year, I have been wanting to change my style but wasn't sure how to gracefully get into what I was feeling and what I wanted my images to be. I was afraid that the clients who have worked with me before would not appreciate change and would find a new photographer because let me tell ya, there are a TON of photographers out there and the majority of them are pretty amazing. But I wanted to be more than just a service provider and I have felt this change from "not turning any project away and making my work flattering to the most people I can" to having more of a creative mindset. I want my photos to feel rich, to have texture, and to amplify all of the feelings during your session.

On my website there is this quote from Robert Frank from Switzerland who was known as an iconic photographer of the 20th century, “when people look at my pictures i want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” And that is the goal. To have the photos stick with you long after you saw them, when you look back on them the feeling and memory and "why" is just as full force as it was when we created them.

When I was at the gym this morning, I was thinking how much the winter really is like hibernation season for portrait photographers. No one really wants their session when it is freezing and we get to unwind a bit from the chaos of the Fall and prep for the busy of the Spring. I am not a fitness buff nor an educated heath/body person at all, not even the slightest, but I do routinely go to the gym and ever since the pandemic started - I have had this mentality that preventive and proactive health is the only way to beat anything. I also really want to continue getting stronger and just as importantly - getting all of my anxious built up energy in a physical way is really good for me, personally, and my mental health. As I was sitting there promising to myself that I wasn't going to fall off this winter like I have in years passed despite how much the cold seasons make me and my old lady knees want to stay in bed, I realized that progress is addicting. It's a little conceited or may you see it as self aware, but they have mirrors in the gym so you can check your form but it also shows you the changes that you are working towards. And I see some strength there that I have never been.

Progress is addicting. And that is the case in every area of our lives. If you aren't moving forward, bettering yourself, growing and changing - what are you doing? And are you happy being stagnant? Have you tried to feel the rush of seeing new results or pushing yourself? It's definitely a high feeling for a win even if it if is as small as booking 10 new clients in a month.

So, there has been a change in WRP and the editing. And I love it. And I suck at the whole mentality of "don't tell anyone what you are doing, just show up & show them with the work" because I get excited and proud and I want to stay transparent as I always have here with my work. And I thank you guys for being along for the ride with me.