Weddings with WRP

The WRP Wedding Process is pretty fluid and full of communication. From the contact form below, I will send over the WRP Wedding Guide. From there, I love to talk more with you guys about your wedding details and get to answer any questions you have for me right from the jump. It is also fun to share my experiences with you and we can talk about the venue and vision for the day, what you want it to feel like it, my style of shooting and I address any concerns or ideas you guys may have.

From that conversation, I send over a few custom quotes for you. I know that finances and budgeting are a huge part of planning a wedding and when it comes down to it, that is most commonly the deciding factor on if you not only want to move forward or not but if you can. By this point, you are very familiar with my work and I have sent over at least five full wedding galleries for you to browse through so you have a good idea on what to expect from me.

Once you have the quotes, we go over a few hypothetical timelines. I book weddings a year to a year and a half in advance, usually you aren't sure of your exact timeline of the day just yet so I send over a few different ones with different hours of coverage to give you an idea on a package that would be suit you.

Then, if we both think that WRP is a good fit for what you are looking for, we move on to locking in everything to reserve the date, package and price. I send over the official WRP Welcome Guide and we can start planning the engagement session. Throughout the time between booking and the wedding date, we work out all of the final details and the timeline. We can meet up for coffee and do a venue tour, chat with your other vendors so that we all are working together cohesively. And your wedding dream comes true.

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