Real life

Do we even know what day of quarantine this is? I don't. We keep up with the news. We keep up with our family members that we can't see in person. We pay close attention to our health, especially checking for symptoms and checking in on our emotions. We are trying to focus on the right here, right now without fretting about the what next or when.

For home, we are making sure that we are fed, clean, doing school work and working out at home. We are indulging in all of our favorite comfort things and guilty pleasures. Mine, personally, are carbs, sweets, a little day drinking, a good read, early bed time, slow mornings, and restarting Grey's Anatomy back at season 1 episode 1. Our boys' bed time routines aren't so strict, they play outside as much as possible, take bubble baths with all of their toys in tow midday, eat cookies for breakfast, they get to wear whatever they want, and there is unlimited snacking and screen time. My husband is still working since he is a firefighter and hopefully during one of his off days he can achieve the midday nap he has been after for the last few weeks with all of us home and nowhere to go.

For WRP, sessions have been rescheduled from the months of March and April and most likely May as well. So far three out of the five weddings that I am most anxious about have rescheduled. New WRP merchandise has been released and I have made it easier to purchase gift cards online. I am doing more giveaways than I usually do during the traditional "busy season" and I am offering a substantial discount for those who can book a 2021 wedding during this time. There is so much promise in the next season, when busy season rolls into this one, and I am looking forward to it. I miss working with families and hearing about the season of your life that we are documenting. I miss seeing the love that is between a couple as we document their engagement to the wedding, their maternity session and bringing home new baby.

The one thing that we have learned so far in this time of uncertainty is how certain we are about the things and people that we love. We know now what it is like to miss something, something that you may have not even realized that you enjoyed or relied on. We know now what we don't need or what doesn't fulfill as much as we once thought it did. From practicalities like being more mindful about food waste in our home to de-clutter the things in our home that are really just filler but that have no real meaning. To actually having to sit with our thoughts and feelings for big things to little annoyances, we can work through things now without distraction of having to leave for the next thing we are always rushing out the door for. We can carve out the time to read more, to exercise and get our hearts pumping. We can get down on the ground with our pets or our children to play and to rest. This can be the time to enjoy the weather and how it affects our days and our moods. This can be the time to just slow down and not only see the big picture, but to take it in fully.