Summer sessions are in full swing and after missing out on work through the Spring due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I am so happy to be busy and sweating it out with you guys to get some gorgeous photos to document this season of your life. With all that is going on in our country, from the pandemic to the fight for racial equality, reformation to cease all police brutality and build confidence in our law enforcement, I know that there are more pressing matters than what to wear and when to book your portrait session. This will be short and sweet and provided to answer some of the many questions that I get before each session, to keep things moving so we can all focus on the bigger pictures. WRP is listening, learning, understanding, loving and fighting for peace in our country and that will be ongoing.

Typically, when I do a post like this - I work with local boutiques and shoot some of their inventory to use. Since boutiques are just now opening and I have just started working again, I haven't had the opportunity to do that. None of these images are my own. These were all found on Pinterest and the quality of the photos aren't that great with a lot of heads cut off unintentionally. A lot of these styles are from Old Navy, Roolee, H&M and the like. I also urge you to check in with the local boutiques in your area and see what they may have for the season! If there is a small business that is your favorite, let me know their info and I will reach out to them to collaborate for your session! I also find a ton of inspiration for sessions on Instagram and LikeToKnowIt. I follow @LivingMyBestStyle, @Cammpie @MeeshonRogers, @QueenCarlene, @HeatherPoppie, @LauraBeverlin, and @ChampagneandChanel for clothing suggestions!

the woman of the session

I start with the woman of the session because in all honesty, women are 9 times out of 10 the one who will reach out to me for booking. Let's keep in mind that it is hot, I have a feeling we are in for a hot and buggy summer on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

We do a lot of moving around during our time together, from walking to standing prompts and seated prompts, so I always want to make sure you are in shoes that you can move in and that you feel comfortable! Anything that flows is always great and adds some texture to the image! Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are always a client favorite. Honestly, as long as you feel good in what you are wearing, you will look amazing!

The man of the session

In the summer, guys have it pretty easy. They can get away with an ironed t-shirt and shorts, short sleeve button down, long sleeve button down, loafers or flops.

kids of the session

When it comes to dressing your children for a portrait session, again, it is hot! If they are uncomfortable or itchy, they will not want to be there and it makes it a little bit harder on all of us. I would put them in the lightest thing you can and maybe layers if it is breezy. Old Navy and Zara have great options!

Super important - I would apply bug spray to the whole family. A lot of my sessions take place by the water or in the woods and it is a buggy season already! If we are shooting on a beach, I would pack a towel or change of clothes because usually by the end of the session, we are at least toes deep in the water!

colors and timing

With the summer, we all know that smack dab in the middle of the day is the hottest and brightest. If we are scheduling a beach session, I strongly suggest doing a time that is closer to sunrise or sunset depending on the location of the beach. Sunrise sessions would happen in the 6am hour, we could push it out to maybe 8am depending on location. Sunset sessions are about an hour prior to sunset time, so we are looking at around 7pm start time, but could go earlier depending on the location. On Kent Island alone, there are some beaches that I shoot at for mornings and some that I shoot at for right before sunset. If we are shooting in your yard, at a family member's home, or a location like Adkins Arboretum or Chesapeake Environmental Center where there are wooded areas to use and we can find a shaded spot, then we can shoot midday if morning or evening don't work for you. I can schedule for any day of the week or weekend, it just depends on availability with other bookings and my husband's work schedule or need for care of our boys.

What is a good color scheme is always something that I get asked about a session. I edit with warmer tones and with deeper contrast, so truly any color scheme would work well. I have added a few here that I particularly like but it is completely your preference!

and as always

.. I am no style expert! Just answering some questions with some information that I have learned throughout the last few years of working! I will have a mask on during your session, you do not have to wear one, but in staying with requirements from the Governor's reopening of small businesses, I am wearing one. I will also try and always have a blanket with me for seated poses and to have extra bug spray in my bag. I hope that this helps a little bit and I can't wait to work with you!