summer pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and complicated gift. Rarely do you hear from a pregnant woman that they feel beautiful from the inside and out during their entire nine months of growing a tiny being, there are definite struggles, pain, and uncomfortable times. But oh my gosh, it can be gorgeous. This summer, the WRP maternity sessions have been full of water, beautiful landscapes, marinas, ice cream, sunrises, and gorgeous moms rocking their baby-bumps.

to you

To all the expecting moms out there, sweating it out throughout the remaining hot-weather months, I feel you. You are doing amazing. To all the expecting parents out there, remember this time of anticipation and big dreams. That sweet baby will be here soon. To those who have delivered their little ones this summer during a pandemic, I hope that everything went smoothly and that all are healthy and home soaking up all this time in the new season of your life! Congratulations!