but first, i am no style expert.

Hi! Hey! How are ya? Two things before we dive into some style inspiration for your Fall and Winter portrait sessions. #1 – 98% of these photos are from Pinterest where all inspo-boards are born, obviously. #2 – I am NO style expert, far from it, if you have seen me most days in the elementary school pick-up line you know. But I do know what looks good on camera, what works best with my photography and editing style, and what works with the flow of your portrait session. And according to the posts and polls on social media, you guys wanted my perspective going into your session so here we are!

First, there’s the colors. You do not have to buy something new for your portrait session. Odds are, if you think of the basics, you most likely have stuff that works well already. Shades of the same color work really well. I edit leaning towards warm tones but that doesn’t necessarily mean the colors worn have to be warm shades, especially around sunrise or sunset in the Fall when there is a natural golden hue everywhere already. Here are some palettes that would work out great.

When it comes to dressing babies and toddlers, I suggest layering them up so that way if they do get warm or too chilly, we can add pieces and remove them without covering them with a blanket or a big coat. Babies are also a cute way to add patterns into the family’s overall color palette. When using a pattern, I would do as it the under layer so it doesn’t show too much but gives a little pop. Hats and those big adorable cute head wraps are the perfect accessories to add with babies’ and toddlers’ outfits. Textures are also great for any member of the family!

For older kids, as long as they feel comfortable and feel good in what they are wearing it will work.

For women – in the colder months, it is nice for your outfits to have movement so big drapey sweaters, the long sweaters, and wearing an open long sleeve over a shirt or long dress gives us some texture and movement that adds to the photo.

If you are shooting a maternity session, you can still rock the maxi dresses and skirts that always look so perfect on every body type with fall accents added on top; a scarf, a long sweater, a knitted hat, etc. And of course any outfit that accentuates the bump works well!

With guys, adding layers with subtle patterns, stripes, or textures make a simple outfit stand out great.

When it comes to dressing anyone in your family, we move A LOT in your session. We do some seated photos, some standing photos, and we walk around a bunch to get different views of the location we are at. Dressing in something that you are comfortable in and that you can move in makes a big difference. Also, if you feel self conscious in your outfit or if doesn’t feel like you, it will show in your photos. Your full smile won’t be there or you will be tugging on a piece you are wearing. I love to shop small and shop local, Hope Boutique has some amazing pieces for women especially when it comes to sweaters, pants, and layering. Their inventory is always changing and she gets new pieces in weekly. Here are a few pieces that have been in the Hope Boutique this Fall so far! *and these photos are taken by WRP!*