may 12 2018

I have been looking through a ton of past weddings for WRP and one of my absolute favorites is from May 12 2018. My husband and I both go back with Rusty and Brittany since grade school and we love that we still live close by and that they are still some of our closest friends. I am so happy that they asked me to do their photographs for their wedding ceremony and portraits back when WRP was still so new to the wedding industry.

Brittany couldn't be a more chill bride, you could tell she just wanted to marry her best friend and celebrate all night long with their people. Their day was filled with good times and sweet moments, and their wedding still holds some of my favorite memories. Not to mention how insanely gorgeous Britt looks, how nicely Rusty cleans up, how perfect their wedding decor matches their personalities, and how adorable Brayden and Carson are as groomsmen.

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary

to the steele's