One of the biggest parts of this business that I did not see forthcoming was the friendships I would make with fellow small business owners on Kent Island and the surrounding areas. I thought I would be working for myself, by myself and it would be a little lonely from time to time. When I get itching to create with others, I am so very fortunate to have met the handful of people that I have over the last three years and the magic that we can create together.

One of those people is Ashley Armstrong, the owner and farmer, grower, plant whisperer and heart and soul of Fiore Farms. It started with me taking photos of her bouquets that she grows and creates to sell. Then we talked about bringing my clients to her working flower farm for sessions. And that is when the magic really started happening. I feel so comfortable with Ashley and in her work and on her farm. It has become quite the little sanctuary for me to shoot at as the skies are always different there around sunset (when we both prefer that I shoot there) and it pushes me outside of my little WRP box to give you images unlike those that I have created before. And the location is perfect for sessions of all types - couples, families, newborns, you name it.

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Sessions at Fiore Farm are booked for right after sunrise in the 7am hour or right before sunset in the 7pm hour. These sessions are 15 minutes long and are $225. The reason the price is increased for the mini sessions is because a portion of the cost goes to the cost of using the space. If you wanted to do a 40 minute session, it is $300. This location is ideal for up to five people as the spaces inside the flower grounds are tight. I love shooting here and would love to document you and your people in this setting that is so unique in comparison to any other.