Behind all things

What gives us motivation? What pushes us to be more? To do more? What do we sacrifice for? Everyone has their "What and Why and Who". Why am I doing this? Why am I a constant work in progress? Why am I always trying to be make things better? Who will this impact? Who will notice this? Who will remember this?

For me, it boils down to my husband and my boys. When my youngest was born, before WRP was founded, things were not good for me personally. I struggled with postpartum depression and it expressed itself in the form of anger and rage and frustration. It went un-diagnosed until J was 6 months old. I found interest in photography back when my oldest was one year old in 2013 when my husband was deployed and things were pretty bleak. I loved taking photos of our boys at every age and every milestone and every thing in between to show him when he returned home and to share with our families who were over 12 hours away. But when, my youngest was born I didn't want to do anything. And, looking back, it sucks. There is no sweet way to word it. It's awful. The whole mindset about "no one can give your kids a happy mom but you" rings true in my ears still to do this day. And they are my answer to every What, Who, and Why question. All of the heart and soul and sweat and late nights I put into WRP and serving my clients, is to benefit them. Not only financially, but that is a major part of it, but it benefits them because it gives me a sense of a purpose outside the home and fulfills me in a way that I didn't know I needed.

When I photograph my boys I do not give them any direction. I just let them be. Sometimes they start fighting and the camera gets put away all together. But sometimes, like this day, it is pure magic. And this is my favorite work of them that I have done to date.

You can always find the light in something. You just have to choose to look for it, and sometimes you have to really search. Sunsets are a big deal in this house. On Kent Island, it seems, you can have the grayest day and most times, the sun sneaks out for a little light show at the end.

I love documenting you and your people through all of your milestones and your every day moments. I love giving you something that you can hold onto to preserve this season in your life. Because no matter if it is filled with magic or madness, it is beautiful. And it is filled with light. Everything makes sense when you choose to see it that way. And, I know, I am a little on the dark and twisty side* but you can always find the light.

*for those who caught the Grey's Anatomy reference, you are my kinda people.