baby mila

My first session once Phase 1 began in Queen Anne's County was one very special to me. One of my best friends had her first baby girl after a rough road to pregnancy back on April 29th and of course throughout her entire pregnancy, we talked about doing a lifestyle newborn session right away in their home with baby, mommy, and daddy. However, due to the pandemic, that was not an option once Mila was born. 

Fortunately, things started moving forward and I was able to resume right after she turned two weeks old and the first thing I did was her newborn session. Walking into her newborn session, in her nursery, wearing a mask, knowing that I had to keep my distance as much as possible - that was a lot. Usually during newborn sessions, I am in your home for at least an hour. I hold the baby, move the baby's face and hands to prompt her to fall into a position. I take photos of the whole family, we move from room to room, and it is a very "in your space" session. First, it was hard to not hug my best friend for just going through one of the biggest miracles and experiences in life. In the room it was Mommy and Baby, and me as far away as possible. It was hard to not just do but to pause and ask Danielle to move Mila or change her. The session lasted about twenty minutes. Mila is absolutely beautiful and I was able to sneak in a few shots of Mommy and baby at the end that are some of my favorites ever. And I told Danielle that I would be back in a month or two to get some of all three in them. 

For all upcoming sessions, you will find that there is a new liability waiver and agreement to be signed. And I strongly encourage that all sessions, even newborn, to be spent entirely or mostly outdoors.

The whole session felt anything but natural for me but the images created of such a sweet baby girl who is so insanely loved, they couldn't have turned out better.