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If you didn't catch the last blog post, I am trying something new here on the blog where instead of just making this an extension of the social media feed, I want to give you guys a little more insight into what all is actually going on behind the scenes with WRP. And I will still share some recent sessions and weddings here too!

Working on...

February has had a handful of newborn sessions and engagement sessions. A few days ago I forced myself to get out of the comfort zone of my couch and take some self portraits. All of my headshots and action photos are about 6+ months old and I rarely show my face around here. I am really uncomfortable with the whole Live stories, Reels, talking into my camera on the phone kinda deal. Oh! And WRP the Shop opened up this month over on Etsy! There is 15% off in the shop right now and free local pickup/delivery.

I did an Instagram poll the other day and your answers showed that you guys book sessions about 1-3 months out from the time you are interested in. So that puts us at March, April and almost May. Once the weather warms up, my inbox (thankfully) gets a little more full with inquiries for sessions. So if you have a specific date or day of the week in mind, don't wait til we are ready to get outside to reach out to book. During the school year (or until the sun sets later), Wednesdays are the best weekday to book and weekends are starting to fill in for March and April.

Cole's in-home newborn session

kelly & storm's engagement session

Westley's in-home newborn session

madeline's in-home newborn session

what i'm reading..

I joined the Book of The Month club a long time ago and finally started to looking into their suggestions. I borrow my books from the QAC library. I am reading "People Like Her" by Ellery Lloyd right now. So far it is about a social media influencer and her family of four and how her online business in social media leaves a big metaphoric open door into their home and lives for a predator. It is based in England and has some sarcastic, funny back and forth. I am not quite half way through yet and I am pretty sure something terrible is about to happen and that the husband and wife secretly (or not so secretly) hate/resent each other.

what i'm watching..

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that my number one go-to for when I am editing at night is Grey's Anatomy. I have seen the entire series too many embarrassing times to count. Now, when I restart it I start at Season 3 and work my way all through to the current one. It may be borderline psychotic or obsessive but for real, the series is 17 seasons long and still is entertaining, that is unheard of. Currently, I am in Season 9. And yes, I still cry and laugh at all the same episodes. every. single. time.

favorite to wear..

Well, like most of us, I am still not really socializing in person anywhere. So I am still most likely in my workout clothes to keep myself motivated to workout later, loungewear, or pajamas at any given time of the day. I think I have hit the record of being in my pajamas by 3pm more than once. It's insanity but it's comfy. I signed up for the Fabletics VIP thingy and the two leggings that I have gotten so far are pretty amazing. They don't lose their fit with wear and they stay in place throughout my workouts. It is cool because you can skip months too if you are a little tight on budget or you just don't need new stuff one month.

favorite to eat..

I was gifted the Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 for my birthday this year, thanks mom!, and I have been slowly trying to figure it out. So far I have failed at air-frying wonton mozzarella sticks, made some decent-at-best air-fried buffalo chicken pockets, and toasted bagels with it. I am going to start making more stuff in it once I stop feeling overwhelmed by all the options. Also, we are suckers for breakfast for dinner around here. Blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, the works. Why is it that a cold beer tastes so much better with breakfast than any other meal?

one minor change to booking..

So, people like to ghost people. Or maybe they do not like to do it, but it happens. And I get it, people get busy and everyone has a billion things on their minds more so these days. It happens to service providers. It is super annoying and, again, I get it, you don't owe anyone an explanation for why you aren't choosing them. That's not what this is about. This is about just letting the person who you inquired to about booking, letting them know that you are not interested in moving forward so that THEY CAN move forward with that date, with their time, and with their energy. It would be appreciated if you could give some kind, constructive criticism on why you are moving forward to search for something different or a different person, but that isn't expected. Just be honest, up-front and nice. Wedding vendors and portrait photographers (like so many other freelance type professions) are selling not only our services but also our personalities when you book and it is hard not take it personally when you just stop the conversation without a reason. So a small change has been made when you inquire to book, once you have reached the point where you are ready to have the proposal and contract sent over to you, there is a four day period from being delivered to sign and pay the deposit (unless we have a different agreement) before it expires along with the price and any discounts that were discussed. If you decide later down the road that you want to have the conversation again and are ready to book, if that date is still available, the pricing and any discounts will reflect any changes that may have been made throughout WRP since we last spoke.

As always,

WRP clients and followers are always so appreciated. Thanks for reading the post and being here!