family sessions

Family sessions are such a big deal for WRP. Having you and your people photographed to print and display throughout your home, office, or even to simply share with friends, is a great way to keep perspective of the big picture of your life. My family of five has a major impact on every decision made in my life. "How will this affect my family?" "Am I being the best version of myself not only for myself, but for my family?" And when things get difficult and it is easy to get swept up in the madness and negativity of the world, seeing your essentially your whole world in one photograph can help keep you on the right path and remind you of purpose and good feelings.

At the same time, I know that having your picture taken is not always the most fun thing to do. I know that not everyone in the family feels the same about your session with a photographer. And I completely get it, it can be awkward and odds are that if there are young children included, one of them won't be in a good mood or will be hungry or something will add stress. Family sessions can be a mini session and last up to 15 minutes or they can last up to 90 minutes, whatever works for your family. We get shots of every combination of family members we can come up with. And, I always try and get photos of the parents, because I mean honestly, when is the last time everyone was dressed in a clean shirt and had their hair brushed? Might as well take advantage! We do a set of seated photos, a set of standing photos, we walk around, you tickle, you tell a corny a joke, you sing "Baby Shark", we do all the things to get at least one good posed shot and then a ton of lifestyle photos to show off everyone's true personality. Very rarely do I have you sit and say "cheese" for your entire session. If we are at a beach, odds are we are going to get sandy and maybe wet. If we are in the fields or in the woods, odds are a scavenger hunt will take place.

These are just a few of my favorite images from family sessions in 2019.