Newborn sessions With wrp

Newborn sessions are something that I get very excited about. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be shooting you and your people no matter the circumstance, but there is something magical about the newborn season of your life. Everything is so brand new, even if this is not your first baby, you are starting at square one and trying to learn who this new person is in your life and what they like, what they do not like, what the different cries mean, how to prioritize every little thing in your life so that you juggle all of the things, all the while taking it all in and being present as this time in your life is chaotic and speedy. It is exhausting and beautiful.

When driving out to a newborn session, I often reflect back on my own three newborns that are now seven, five, and three years old. Each one of our newborn stages were VERY different. The pregnancies were all very similar for all three boys. The deliveries could not have been more different. The first was induced and my husband was deployed with zero communication but a Red Cross initiated phone call. The second was born on his due date with an epidural, my husband was there and all was very normal until my husband was told he was being deployed the next day after we were discharged from the hospital. The third came a week early and too quick for an epidural despite all of my begging and cursing, and shortly after being discharged I was diagnosed with post-partum pre-eclampsia and months later post partum depression.

So when I arrive for your newborn session, I am well aware that every mother's experience is so different and I am genuinely interested to hear how yours has been. The woman's body is so amazing in this capacity and I am often in awe of how gorgeous these new mothers are in front of me holding their young newborn babies. Whether your session is super comfy and you guys are in your loungewear or it is a little dressed up with jeans and sweaters, these newborn sessions always turn out absolutely stunning because all you can see in the photos is how infatuated you are with your new babe.

Newborn sessions take a bit longer than any other session that I do because I let baby take the lead on how the session unfolds. If baby needs to eat, needs to be changed, or to be soothed in any way, I do not want you to hesitate for the sake of time to comfort your baby. Typically, with all of the pauses and resets we may need, a newborn session takes roughly 90 minutes. I prefer to them at your home where you are the most comfortable. All we really need is a space near a window or a door that gets good light. We usually plan your newborn session around when things are the brightest.

During newborn sessions we go back and forth from photos of just the baby and all the details to photos of the parents with baby and if there are siblings, too. A lot of times baby gets fussy and wants to be held, I love photos that have a parents' hands and/or side of their face in the frame. They show just how tiny the baby is. There is very few posing besides me asking you stand in a certain space and face the light in a certain way. I love interaction between you and the baby, whether touching their feet, their hands, their heads anything.

During your newborn session, if there are any sentimental items, blankets, and clothing that you want to incorporate; I highly encourage that. Anyway that we can make your newborn session personal and unique!

These are just a few of my favorites from newborn sessions in 2019. If you are interested in booking one, we can book them for a week or two after your due date and start planning it whenever you want to. We adjust the date and time of your session once baby is here and you guys are a tad more adjusted and settled. Gift certificates for newborn sessions make for a great baby gift for someone you know who is expecting. These sessions are $275 plus tax. If interested in booking a session, I would love to work with you and am looking forward to hearing from you!


I have yet to document a family adopting a baby and I would absolutely be honored to photograph such a unique and beautiful time in your life if you are adopting. Please, if you are interested, send me an email and we can talk about the details in your newborn session and there will be discounted pricing due to being the first of this kind for WRP.