What's going on

The last two-three weeks have still been pretty slow but I feel like since we had our first taste of warmer weather, things are going to pick up before we know it.

Since the last post, I shot a first birthday milestone session and an engagement session for one of my 2021 wedding couples. Both sessions were in locations that were really personal to the clients and I love that!

A WRP Wednesday flash sale started in WRP The Shop last week so you can be on the look out for that to pop up on Hump Day weekly. I released the information and opened booking for the Spring Styled Sessions that are taking place in April and May. I am very excited about them and if you want to know more, reach out and I will send you all of the info!

And I have been preparing for busy season. One of the very few things that the year of the pandemic gave me was a bunch of time to focus on me. My health and how I want to maintain it and want to stick with a preventive approach to life rather than a reactive approach has become really important to me. No I am not limiting my diet, my sweet tooth is still well taken care of and I get my fair share of comfort foods & Shore Good Eats. But I am focused on straying away with an unhealthy lifestyle in regards my relationships, the way I think and view things, and how I want to keep a balance on it all.

I know that as I sit here in end of the cold weather months, anxiously awaiting the time coming when I have multiple sessions each week and weddings every weekend, I know that I will need to make sure that I still carve out the time for those things that I don't want to give up. So that is where boundaries with this small business come into play.

For the longest time, I have had this negative mindset that I am not "big" or "successful" enough to need boundaries or to have actual separation between work hours when I am not actively shooting and down time at home. Well after a few years in business, two years of making a profit and paying taxes for this work that I still felt like an imposter in, I am over that. To make sure that I am present when my entire family is home together and when we are doing things and to give time for myself, I have set business hours for phone consults, meetings and email responses. This is a full time job but it is not 24/7 and I need to remember that I can still feel successful and be making moves if my "office hours" are 9:30am-5pm Monday through Friday. Even if my office is my living room and realistically I could log on and work whenever I want. All of my social media posts will be before 5pm and they may not happen on the weekends. Because of these business guidelines I am setting for myself, I feel so much more organized and prepared for the rest of this year. Because in all honesty, once we get rolling later this month, it is full steam ahead and it doesn't usually slow down until after Thanksgiving. And I am ready for it!

An in-home first birthday sesion!

Jack's first birthday session took place in a pandemic-baby's favorite location - his home! We took some photos in his beautiful room and then played with all of his toys. Not only is Jack one of many little ones that I have documented milestones for during this pandemic, he is also a Leap Year baby so that made this session extra special!

Brian & Amanda's Engagement Session

Amanda and Brian are getting married in November this year and for their engagement session they wanted to go to one of their favorite spots, RAR Brewing in Cambridge. I personally love RAR so I was all about it! It was a lot of fun to bring so much of their personality out in their engagement session by choosing a location that was sentimental to them. I really encourage this with all of my sessions!

Thank you for being here!

The next blog post will have all the WRP favorite things that I are going on this month. I am now booking sessions into early summer but my calendar is available throughout the year. We have our personal calendar pretty much set so I know my availability well ahead of time. I am taking on two more weddings for this year to cap me out at 20 weddings, I would really love to hit that number! And 2022 is open for booking with 5 weddings booked so far! WRP The Shop will have another round of hoodies ready for pre-order in the next few days, they should be here by mid-late April! And as always, thank you so much for the support with WRP!