It's Personal

I’m Sara, I’m 35 years old. A wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend. I’ve been happily married to my guy for about 12.5 years now and our sons are 11, 9 and 7 years old. I’m a wedding, newborn and family photographer based out of Kent Island, MD and have been growing this small business of mine since 2017.

Some things you will see here on this page are mainly beautiful, honest moments shared between you and your person; you and your people but also some of the creative process that gets me from one day to the next and the balance of sharing enough of my personal life to assure you that even if there are differences, in the end - we all are so alike.

I use this little corner of the online world as my storefront and not as a social/political platform of any kind (unless you count spreading love, encouragement and attention to other local small businesses because that does happen.) All are welcome, respected and appreciated here.

My shooting style is hard to put into words as it feels so intuitive to me. I love to read the room, feel the feels and interact or direct when needed. During a wedding I love just taking it all in and capturing it as it happens organically around me. For sessions, I talk with you a lot. Like more than I talk.. ever. I like to keep things free flowing, with some direction and a ton of reacting to you and our surroundings. I never want you to feel stale or forced when you are in front of my camera.

My editing style has been constantly evolving but I finally have that feeling of home in the way I edit right now. It’s more of a feeling than I can describe which sounds so corny and cliche, I get that.

The name of WRP actually comes from the Weeping Willow tree in my parents’ backyard that I grew up playing around, that my husband and I had our first look on our wedding day under and that up until a big stom last year - my kids were growing up playing around, too, when at their Mimi and Pop’s. I get asked if Willow is my name sometimes, beautiful name but not mine haha.

I hope you find my low-key vibe and documentary style approach something that resonates with you.