brand recognition

I'm a big believer that one thing does not defines us. we are all a big bundle of things that make us who we are, makes unlike anyone else.

sure we have things that make larger parts of us, in my case being a mom of three and a wife make up a huge part of who I am.

but I am also a  daughter, sister, friend, small business owner, wedding photographer, family photographer, avid reader, huge fan of the ocean and sunsets, big believer in giving back and being community oriented.

it is important to me that WR stands on it's own amidst of all the things and is recognized when seen for the work and it's involvement in the community.

it is important to me that WR shows up in the community locally and in the community of other photographers and creatives that I have been welcomed into.

having a brand that people can recognize at a fundraiser, as a sponsor of a children's program, and a brand that when they see a photo of their loved ones - they can think "oh, that's Willow Roots Photography - they do good work." and not only the photographs that tell your story - which don't get me wrong is the number one priority of WR - but the work of showing up for others when I am able through my small business.