This small business of mine has been fueled by the amazing clients who have become friends, who have booked sessions year after year or have worked with me for their wedding and then allowed me into your home for all the seasons after. It is fueled by the love and support I have from my family and lifelong friends who refer me to their families and their friends, who pay full price and never ask for a discount, who are always down to wear a comfy WRP hoodie or tee, and who never complain when I say "I can't, I have to shoot/edit".

If you have known me long and well, or you follow along social media - you know that I live a comfy, easy, no fuss lifestyle. I have married that vibe to WRP and created a comfy, low-key, easy going line of merch. Here you can find the original logos that are available all year long. I hope you love the warm tones and the cozy threads! Click the link below to check out! and keep an eye out, three times a year I collaborate with different designers and do a limited release set!

WRP - The Shop