A little note to you --

The more experiences I go through - the more I realize that luxury does not always equal value. Sure, luxurious things make you think of butler service, jewelry, a sports car, a yacht, etc. 

Isn't it also a luxury to be able to own or rent your home, no matter the size of it? A car that gets you from point A to point B? To have a career that you love? To have a family who accepts and loves you? 

Lux•u•ry (noun) // the state of great comfort and extravagant living

When figuring out my pricing and where my "ideal client" falls in this saturated photography industry - I did not (and do not) want WRP to be considered a luxury service in the means of being out of reach for so many, that only an elite number can be my client. I want to focus more on the "state of great comfort" part of the definition of the term. 

I want you to find luxury in working with someone that gets you, someone that relates to you and vice versa. I want you to find luxury in dependability. I want you to feel like you are deserving of high quality, beautiful imagery that reflects your life and your relationships with yourself and your people. 

So I keep my pricing something that would be attainable for my family of five, a home that is provided for by a small business owner and a career firefighter. I offer discounts throughout the seasons and for certain professions. I offer payment plans that work however you need them to. And I hope that you find luxury in the fact that I try to be as "people centered" as possible. Because I never take for granted the luxury that I get to wake up every morning with this being my career. 

With love,