Spread the word, be comfy.

Back in 2020, I started designing merch for WRP and I loved being able to collaborate with other artists and small businesses to create the comfiest line of hoodies, crewnecks and tees to spread the word of WRP. Four years later and I am still loving creating this way from time to time.

the latest lineup

Here are the latest pieces, the pre-order is now open and closes on 2/17/24. This design was created in 2022 for me by Ashley Cox who is actually from KI but has been down in Savannah GA as an amazing tattoo artist. She is currently at Rose Tattoo Club - if you're ever in the area - look her up! Kustom Hustle Printshop is working on this particular set of cozy pieces.

Hoodies are $40, Crewnecks are $40 and Tees are $30.