What's It Cost?

November 16, 2021

A Session with WRP

The number one question that I get when people reach out is, "what does the session cost?" And I get it, we are a budget conscious family, too, and that plays a huge role in our decision to do or purchase things. So I offer three different packages for the majority of my sessions.

Sessions are usually booked about 1-3 months in advance and I open the calendar about 6 months ahead of each season in case you are ready to book early. The most popular months for sessions are April, May and June and then September, October, and November are my most popular months of the year.


Once you reach out about a session I send over a response that has the breakdown of all of the session packages that I offer. I ask you some questions to get to you know you guys a little bit better and to see what you are hoping to take away from your portrait session.

The packages

The Full Session is my largest package for a session. It takes place at a location of your choosing or at your home and it lasts about an hour. Your online gallery is full with about 80-100 images. This session starts at $365 and the price can increase due to travel fees or if there are over 7 people being photographed. Included in that session price, you are able to download 30 of your most favorite images from your session with a digital release and no additional fees. If you wish to download more than those 30, you are able to purchase them for $3.50 a piece.

The Half Session is exactly the same as the full session only that it lasts about 30 minutes long and your gallery is full with about 50-75 images. The session price is $285 and it includes the digital release for 15 of your favorite images with the option to purchase more if you wish.

The Mini Session lasts 10 minutes, your gallery is full with about 20-30 images and you have the digital release for 10 of those images included in your session price. Again, you can purchase more if you wish to do so.

The Newborn Session lasts 45-90 minutes depending on how things go with baby. Your gallery is full with about 70-100 images and your session price includes 50 images with a digital/print release and the option to purchase more if you wish. The newborn session starts at $385.

The Engagement Session is one that it is more cost effective to purchase this included in a wedding package. These sessions last about 45-60 minutes depending on the number of locations and outfit changes. Your gallery will have about 50-75 images and the digital/print release for 30 of those images. If you purchase a wedding package with an engagement session included, you receive the full digital release for the session in addition to the wedding. The engagement sessions starts at $385.

Why The Change in Packages?

It is important to me that as I grow and put so much effort and time and passion into this business, that my prices reflect the value and worth of the work. I didn't want to increase all of my pricing dramatically so by keeping the session costs comparatively on par with other local photographers, you still get a certain number of images for each session but if you wish to purchase more, I am paid for the amount of work that I put in to each gallery. I fully intend to produce a gallery each time that you simply cannot choose the number of downloads included in your session price and you feel that the photos mean enough to you that you would want to purchase more.

This way I can still work in the same fashion that I always have, sending out galleries full of beautiful images of you and your people, but I am able to stay competitive and compensated for my own growth and love of the job.

Ready To Book

Once you decide which package best suits what you are looking for, we figure out a date and a location that work for both of us. To reserve your session and the date, a 50% nonrefundable retainer is due at booking and the remainder is due the day of the session.

What to wear

Once everything is set up, I send over a styling guide to help you figure out colors and types of outfits that can help you coordinate what to wear. I struggling encourage you to stay in something that is very "you", if you guys are comfortable and you feel like your best self - you will see that tenfold in your photos. I also send over a list of hair and makeup artists that I highly recommend if you choose to get some glam for the session.

what if we need to reschedule

If you or I need to reschedule due to illness, weather (plays a huge role in your photos!), or a last minute scheduling conflict - there are no rescheduling fees. Life happens and we roll with it.

after the session

After the session takes place and the final payment has been made, you can expect your gallery to be delivered within 10-14 business days. You will receive a discount code for the Print store if you choose to have any prints made within your gallery. Be sure to follow the instructions in your delivery email, especially if you're a recurring client, because now that there is a limited digital release with each purchase you need to use the 'Shopping Cart' icon to add all of the photos you want to download and then use the discount code associated with your session package to make sure you get the ones that are included in your session price. All recurring clients get a discount if they book another session within the next calendar year and if they refer a friend who books!