January 6, 2022

Styling For Your Session

It is really important to me that i make it clear that when you book with wrp, your personality and what you are comfortable with come first. i want every session to perfectly represent my clients in their unique and individual way. what you wear, if you have professional hair and makeup, those things - in the big picture - do not matter so much here. what matters to me is that your smiles and laughs are genuine, and that we fully embody what this season of your life means to you.

What To Wear

I posted a journal post early in the Fall about my most asked question, "What do you recommend that we wear?" but here is some more info for your 2022 sessions. Between what colors to wear, patterns, styles, "should we buy something new?" and all the things in between, it can be overwhelming. We definitely want you to feel comfortable and most like yourself during your session, and we want you to love the way you lookin your photos just the same. Once you book your session, I send over my styling guide and encourage you to send me a message via text or on Instagram if you want to shoot some ideas my way in what you think you should wear. I know that sessions can be a little expensive and I want you to know that you do not need to add on a steep shopping bill with all new outfits to get the look that you want. I mean, you certainly can if you want tooooo but it's not necessary here.


These are four different looks from two different maternity sessions I had in December. I love the maxi dress look for sessions, especially maternity and sessions with kids. You can dress them up or down, they are easy to move in and are super flattering. Also, tip, if you are changing outfits mid-session they are usually pretty easy to do a quick swap. Jenna is wearing a velvet shorter dress in the one photo and you can see how amazing the texture of that dress shows up in the photo, big fan of adding texture where we can! The guys pictured here in their jeans and boots are good easy bet, the button down and the quarter zip sweater are likely something they already had at home. Also, Brittany said that her dark blue dress was purchased off of Amazon and not super expensive. I am always amazed by the good affordable finds over on Amazon. And her hat gave off a totally different vibe when we included in some photos, it was a quick and easy added touch.

Color + Pattern

I edit on the warmer side so some tones and hues are better than others. Rich tones, naturally warm tones, or neutrals - they are always my favorite. You don't have to be super matchy-matchy to get a good overall look. My rule of thumb is to just a pick a piece of clothing that you absolutely, whether it be a sweater for or an outfit for the kids and then base your other colors around that. When it comes to patterns, I would limit a pattern to being on just one person. Too many patterns or stripes or designs can be distracting. Below are some color families that I personally always love to see that can be a small starting point for you.

Movement + Personality

We move around a lot in your session, we do some sitting and standing photos, we walk around and get a little playful. It is important you are all are comfortable in what you are wearing. Also, I never want two of my sessions to look the same so I love when you wear things that suit your personalities and the season. When the weather is cold, layers on layers! You can always add accessories like the wrap around the shoulders or the patterns underneath popping out a little bit.

What's in the closet?

Like I mentioned before, you do NOT have to splurge on an outfit for your portrait session here. If you want to, treat yourself by all means! But that isn't my goal here. I always suggest you first look in your closet and see what kind of staples you have. Solid color shirts, jeans, shorts, and sweaters depending on the season. Pull 'em all out and see what colors go well with each other. From there, look and see if you have any dresses or skirts, and shoes. Then take it down the accessories; hats, jewelry, if you want to incorporate a blanket to wrap up in for some cold weather sessions. Feel free to send me photos of what you find and we can pick and choose what will look best together.

If you are looking into purchasing something new, here are few shops that I particularly love the looks that they offer and they range in price. Sharing local places first!

  • Basic Collection has some perfect pieces for women, they are all staples and have amazing quality. You truly can't wrong with any piece and they are local, right in Easton. The prices range form $30-$90.
  • Hope Boutique is another great local find for women, they have casual and dressier pieces. They are located on Kent Island and the prices are $40-$80ish.
  • Beautifully Wilde Boutique has more casual pieces that are so affordable and comfortable. She goes into hibernation January and February but definitely check back with them early Spring!
  • Baltic Born has awesome maxi dresses for sessions, I really love their floral dresses and they could definitely be used as your patterned piece.
  • American Eagle is always a good one for women and men. They are casual and always have good colors and patterns.
  • Old Navy for the whole family is never a bad choice. I do suggest steering clear of any shirts or pieces that say "Old Navy" or any kind of slogan or animal face.
  • Roolee is a personal favorite of mine for women but they also offer kids clothes, too. Lots of great pieces that don't need a ton of styling.
  • BYLT is a great site for men's clothes, especially they more casual and athletic type. The tees and the joggers are great options.
  • Target is another that is good for families. Similar to Old Navy.
  • Some other good ones are Roxy, Pink Lily, Lucy Ave, and Zara Kids.

Should I get my hair and makeup done? Spray tan?

There is no right answer here. I have shot some insanely beautiful sessions where the clients did their own hair and makeup and I have shot some insanely beautiful sessions where they have hired stylists and artists. So I leave that one completely up to you and I leave you with a list of my preferred hair stylists and makeup artists, click their links and check them out!