January 6, 2022

A Glimpse At The Editing Process

Here's a little glimpse at the editing process over here at WRP with some finished photos + their starting point.

I have worked with Kim, Avery and Albert a few times before and Kim always kills it with their look. 

They are expecting another baby girl and their December maternity session was beautiful!


I try and shoot on the darker side during your session because I love the shadows and the contrasts in the overall image. I love getting the skies to stand out when they have some character of their own.

I add a bunch of warmth and I play around with tones and hues so certain colors stand out more than others (you'll find another post here later about styling for your session and what that means with WRP). 

I almost always shoot crooked so I have to go back and realign every image so that they are straight. There are about a billion little tweaks and touches that go on around the clients, but that's for another post, too!

With the majority of my sessions, I can choose a good time of day that works with the sun and a location where I don't have to edit a bunch of distractions from the background. Thankfully, that was the case with this session. Occasionally, my clients have something very specific in mind whether it be a time frame that works best with them or a location they are attached to, and I am just as happy to shoot those sessions too. If one thing I have learned from shooting weddings, it is how to adaptable with location and light. And I carry those experiences over into my portrait sessions, too.