The number one question I get after someone books with me, "What should we wear?!" And I totally get it, you want the pictures to look good! I appreciate that more than you know.

There is this weird stigma that you have to dress up for photos. In some cases, I say throw that idea out. In most cases, actually.

be comfortable

My whole aesthetic and style of shooting is based around being comfortable, being your self, and being laid back. So when you book with me, you can bet that your photos are going to involve a ton of movement, sitting down, standing up, getting in super close with your people. So being comfortable is a huge deal. If a dress is too short or too tight, if you feel self-conscious in your outfit, if you don't feel like your best self - it won't look like you in your photos and you won't like them.


If wearing the high heels and the tie for your session makes sense with your personalities, let's do it! If wearing the jeans and a polo, the loungewear, the leggings, let's do that. Whatever makes you feel like your best self, wear that. And yeah, we all scroll Pinterest looking for all the answers and we see things that look so picture perfect. Use that for inspiration but don't be married to every single detail, tailor it to you individually.

I feel my best when I am in my favorite tee and shorts (in the summer) & loose jeans in the winter. So when I did my headshots in late August and my family's session in September, guess what? I wore my favorite pink shorts and my favorite tee.

My family and I are super super casual. Like, our boys haven't put on a pair of jeans in at least 2 years - that casual. We had our family session this year on our favorite beach, and the boys all wore gym shorts and tees. The only request I had was that no one wore a shirt that had a logo or a character on it (and I chose the colors). But we didn't buy anything new and I didn't stress over it. I wanted us to look and feel like us. The generations of everyone in matching khaki pants and white shirts have passed.

Everyone has that favorite look of theirs, hopefully it is all cohesive and you can roll with it for your own session.

the image below and the image at the very top is from my own family session with Eleven Eleven Imagery.

Choosing Patterns & Colors

For patterns, I also suggest that if you have a pattern - have only one person wear it. Then have all the other people in a solid color based off of that pattern. For colors, I edit with a warmer tone. Pastels and neons don't always translate well. Otherwise for color, pay attention to the location we choose. For example, if we are shooting in the grassy fields with trees, you may not want to do too many greens.

Make it make sense

To decide what you want to wear for your session, we need to figure out what it is you want this session to look like. Do you want it to look super put together, a little more extra than your norm? Do you want it to be playful and casual? We can also mix it up and do both. For full sessions and engagement sessions, you can do an outfit change half way through.

If you want to wear a dress for your indoor session to document your first pregnancy, then let's just take your shoes off and tone it down a little bit so it makes sense. If your guy feels more like himself when he has his baseball cap, that is not the end of the world and odds are he will be smiling more genuinely when he feels like himself. Put the hat on.

I hope this helps once you book your session and I am always able to help you out when it comes to colors and outfits!