2019 Weddings

I have little words to describe the weddings I photographed in 2019. Each one blew me away with the amount of love present, the amount of support surrounding the bride and groom as they started an entirely new, gigantic journey into marriage, and the beauty that was not only in every detail of each Big Day but in the ways that loved ones came together to celebrate their people. In 2019, the first wedding was in January and ended with gorgeous snow fall. In the last year, I witnessed some of the funniest best man and maid of honor speeches, one of the bride's best friends rocked the role as the officiant, one of the bride and grooms played "rock, paper, scissors" to see who would say their vows first, children of the bride and groom were ring bearers and best mans, a bride and groom were married after being together nearly half their lives, a bride's sister sang beautifully during the reception, one groom had more groomsmen than any man would be lucky enough to call close friends, a gorgeous vintage car was involved, a bride faked out her groom by having their guy friend dress in a wedding gown to do a prank first look, a groom recognized his future wife's love for monogram and had all of her favorite wardrobe staples (hat, sweatshirt, etc) re-monogramed with her new initials, there was a ceremony where the skies opened up with torrential rainfall, there was a proposal followed by an elopement a few weeks later, and each wedding was beautifully unique and personal to each bride and groom's individuality and to them as a couple.

Here are just a few of some of my favorite images from the 2019 weddings.


getting ready

Wedding party