a little backstory

A little backstory to get you to know me a bit – I am a wife and I am a mother of three little boys who are eight, six, and four. I am a daughter, I am a sister, and a loyal friend. What I enjoy most is a laid back, good time with those closest to me, in my comfiest outfit with good food and a few drinks. I am a homebody through and through.

Being able to work with the sun and create some amazing photographs for you to cherish for a lifetime is a dream become reality that just keeps getting better and better.

I took a liking to photography when my oldest was turning one year old and my husband was deployed. All of these big milestones were happening and I wanted to take good photos of him to send out to sea in case there was a mail-drop. One thing led to another, I started photographing for some of our friends and their families, learning the craft and teaching myself basics. Fast-forward five years later, investing in professional grade equipment, a dozen or more online classes and workshops, all the legal fees to make it official and here I am wanting to photograph you and yours.

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Why do I focus on babies, families and weddings? Honestly, my whole life has been molded by my large and out-spoken family and it is the backbone to everything I know. From whatever angle you look at it, your people and relationships are what make you and I truly believe that they are what get you through hard times while embracing the best ones. It can be easy to get caught up in a lot of different things that may seem important and urgent to you in that moment. I believe that portrait photography helps you keep things in perspective, reminding you of what and who truly is essential in your life. Having photos of you and your loved ones candid or posed, displayed throughout your home or at your office or even just sharing them to others; that is what helps us to stay grounded and to remember the big picture when things get rough or to bring a little extra to an already good feeling.

What’s with the name, Willow Roots Photography? – I moved to Kent Island when I was in the third grade and in my childhood home that my parents still live in, there is a Weeping Willow tree planted in the backyard. Growing up I have memories of riding the go-kart under that tree, playing volleyball next to it, jumping on our trampoline, and so many others. I read somewhere once that a Weeping Willow tree roots grow far out from the trees base like a person who grows up and out of everything that they have learned and know, but the roots are always there. My husband and I held our tented wedding reception in the backyard next to that tree, we had our “first look” there. Now our three children play around and under it when we visit their Mimi and Pop a few times a week. “Willow Roots Photography”, it fits for a business based on babies, families, and weddings.

A huge thank you to Ashley of dKin Photography for always getting the best headshots, behind the scene images, and my own family portraits!

kind words

The Miller family

“Sara is the most talented photographer I have ever worked with! I was incredibly happy with every single picture she took! Look no further if you are searching for a photographer!! Willow Roots is the BEST!!! Thank you, Sara for capturing such sweet images of our family. We will cherish these pictures forever!”

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