Hey, I'm Sara

the owner + lead photographer, wife, + mom of three boys

I am a homebody through and through. I am always down for the low-key, easy, good time. If I can wear a hoodie or tee and flops, I am happy. Prim & proper has never been my style. I am a sucker for the sun and the beach (Bay or Ocean) at all times of the year, but I had to choose - put me oceanside for life. I try to have my personal and professional life reflect a down to earth, no fuss, minimal yet efficient way of doing things.

How It Started, How It's Going

I first picked up a "real" camera when we were going through a deployment right before my oldest's first birthday. He was crawling and standing and moving and so expressive, his personality just booming. And his dad was missing it. A friend of mine lent me her Canon Rebel so I could take some photos of him to send out in a mail-drop (submarine life at it's finest). I was hooked. She ended up being the kindest human ever, one I will never forget no matter where we live (Hey Cathy!), and let me keep it. From there I took photos of our boys as they grew and I asked friends if I could take their kids' photos. I really had no idea what I was doing but it felt right and it bloomed from there. Now, eight years later, after ton of photography & business education (some from learning resources and some from trial and error), I started Willow Roots Photography when our youngest was 7 months old in November 2016 and it really took off in 2017.

I aim to shoot primarily with a documentary approach. I try to blend in with the surroundings, I don't want to stick out or put pressure on you to do things outside your norm. I feel like no one really looks or feels like their true selves when they are overly posed or smiling directly at a camera snap after snap. Weddings are becoming my favorite but I will never stop doing documentary style portrait sessions. I absolutely love seeing my clients year after year and growing right along with them. I want your photos to resemble the location and the weather that we had that day. I want you to look back on it reflecting on the memory just as it looked when it took place. My busy season is May-November. Sunset and sunrise sessions are my jam. I feel like as a small business owner, it is super important to be a part of your community and give back when you can and I enjoy finding ways to do that through WRP.